2. Capacity building og MSM and trans* organizations

Objective 2. To contribute to increasing MSM and trans* organizations’ capacities by strengthening their internal structures, building technical capacity, and improving fundraising skills.

2.1. Institutional capacity-building, planning, and leadership development

Activities under this intervention focus on building capacity through organizational self-assessment, and increasing capacity for fund-raising and budget-related advocacy efforts.

• Support Subrecipients in the five target countries (annually).
• Support the Ukrainian Expert Group on Gay and Other MSM Health Issues as a resource center for best practice documentation.
• Provide competitive small grants for organizations and initiatives in need of basic organizational support and capacity-building, focusing particularly on trans* groups, groups of PLHIV MSM and trans*, MSM sex workers and other underrepresented sub-groups.

Key regional activities:
• Adapt existing Modified Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool (MOCAT) for MSM and trans* organizations
• Prepare cadre of trainer-mentors on use of adapted MOCAT
• Develop and administer online training module on fundraising skills

Key national activities:
• Utilize MOCAT at organizational level amongst all SRs to identify needs in technical support from PR
• Provide/receive technical support on identified priorities, with special emphasis on strategic planning, organizational capacity for analysis and development of advocacy messages and materials, documentation, and strengthening communications with both community members and government officials.
• Provide technical support for funding applications for SRs


2.2. Advocacy for social accountability

2.3. Social mobilization, building community linkages, collaboration and coordination