This year’s EuroPride-2018 will take place in Stockholm and Gothenburg. A transgender man named Alex filmed a video in honor of this momentous occasion and in his address he tells us that in dozens of countries homosexual and a trans* people are still criminalized: “Some people have the right to be themselves by birth. Others, like myself, have to fight for this right. Let’s change it!”

The author was making the video from June till December 2017. The first phrases were filmed at the very beginning of his transgender transition, but with each phrase Alex’s voice became deeper as the result of hormone therapy.

Within its activities, ECOM pays attention to the issue of trans* people rights. ECOM’s regional program “Right to Health” supports trans* people’s initiative groups which advance human rights and freedoms. The representatives of initiative groups repeatedly noted that transgender transition remains the key and the most discussed subject.

Let us remind that in 2017 ECOM declared its position paper on human rights and trans* people.