MtgECOM continues to collect applications from experts for further engagement in ECOM’s projects.

Currently, ECOM accepts applications from experts in development and conduction of research. Applications from consultants in other areas will be collected later.

Within the Regional Program “Right to Health” and other projects, ECOM plans to conduct research on various topics such as access to and quality of health services for gay men, other MSM and trans* people; documentation and analysis of human rights violations, etc.

Experts are requested to fill an application questionnaire and submit documentation confirming their expertise.

The application questionnaire is available here:

ECOM might approach applicants for further clarification if needed.


Deadline for applications’ submission is 30 March 2017.

Applicant’s final inclusion in ECOM’s Database of Experts will be confirmed.

The advantages of being included in ECOM’s Database of Experts:
– if your experience corresponds to a particular project’s requirements, your name will be included in a short list of experts to be considered for engagement,
–  contracting process will be easy and take shorter time.

For further clarifications you may contact Maxim Kasianczuk, ECOM’s M&E Coordinator at

Thank you for your interest in ECOM’s work!

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