The Global Fund Materials

Zeroing in On Solutions to Technical Support Needs in EECA CSS EHRN
Global Fund grant renewal and re-programming: What are the experiences of civil society organizations and programs that focus on key populations? Funding Processes ICASO
The Global Fund’s New Funding Model: What it Might Mean for You and Your Country Funding Processes EHRN
Civil Society and Key Populations: Considerations for the Global Fund’s New Funding Model Funding Processes ICASO
Civil Society Global Fund Application Preparedness Guide: Navigating the New Funding Model Series Funding Processes ICASO
EHRN Regional Initiative on HIV and Harm Reduction for Eastern Europe and Central Asia: first steps, processes and lessons learned Funding Processes EHRN
Punishing Success? Explanation of Band 4 of the Global Fund and its Implications for Civil Society and Key Populations Funding Processes ICASO
Effective CCMs and the Meaningful Involvement of Civil Society and Key Affected Populations CS/KP Involvement ICASO
Community Systems Strengthening Questions and Answers CSS ICASO
Civil Society and Key Populations and the Country Dialogue Process CSS ICASO
The Global Fund’s New Funding Model: Early Outcomes for Regional Civil Society Applicants Funding Processes ICASO
New Funding Model Roll Out Funding Processes ICASO
Global Fund Updates CCM Guidelines and Requirements for 2015: New opportunities for key population advocacy CS/KP Involvement ICASO
Country Coordinating Mechanism: Key Affected Populations and People Living with the Diseases Engagement Initiative Pilot Evaluation Report-Summary, 2015 CS/KP Involvement ICASO
Global Fund Strategy: Key Opportunities for Engagement GF Strategy ICASO
CS input into GF strategy development: Summary report of recommendations from April 29 kick off meeting Amsterdam GF Strategy ICASO
Draft Summary of civil society ‘asks’ concerning the 2017-2021 Global Fund Strategy GF Strategy ICASO
Regional Concept Note Development in the Global Fund’s (New) Funding Model Funding Processes ICASO
Assessing the Inclusion of Civil Society Priorities in Global Fund Concept Notes CS/KP Involvement ICASO
Summary of Key Civil Society Recommendations Concerning the Development of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria Strategic Plan 2017-22 GF Strategy ICASO
Community Systems Strengthening Framework CSS Global Fund
Community Systems Strengthening: Information Note CSS Global Fund
Global Fund Information Note: Strategic Investments for HIV programs GF Strategy Global Fund
Human Rights for HIV, TB, Malaria and HSS Grants GF Strategy Global Fund
Priorities in discussing the new Global Fund 2017-2021 Strategy GF Strategy ERHN
Turning the Tide Against HIV and Tuberculosis: Global Fund Investment Guidance for Eastern Europe and Central Asia GF Strategy Global Fund