Participating Countries

Target Countries

The program will be fully implemented in 5 target countries Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and Macedonia.

Expanded Engagement Countries

Though the target countries that are participating in this program are limited to those five listed above, participation in the program will be open, to a certain extent, to community representatives and organizations from the countries of so called “expanded engagement”: Azerbaijan, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, and Ukraine. There are several ways for expanded engagement:
• Community experts and organizations from the expanded engagement countries may serve as resources and will be engaged to share the experience and teach their peers. They may be also invited as technical support providers for specific topics
• Community representatives from the expanded engagement countries will be invited to regional capacity-building and advocacy events.
• Grassroots-level community groups from the expanded engagement countries will be eligible to apply for small grants for basic organizational support and capacity building.
• ECOM Steering Committee, Oversight Committee, and Regional Expert Group will pay attention to ensuring a region-wide utilization of program experience and products.
No programmatic activities of the Regional Program will be implemented in the expanded engagement countries.



Project Partners:


“New Generation” Humanitarian NGO


Public Union “Kyrgyz Indigo”


Republican Youth Public Organization “Vstrecha”


Stronger Together, Association for Support of People Living with HIV

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Equality Movement

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