Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM) invites firms to provide external legal support during March 2018 – February 2019.



Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM) is an international non-governmental association, located in Tallinn, Estonia. It is a membership-based association, open for non-profits and individuals working in the field of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevention and treatment for gay men and other men who have sex with men, and transgender people, in the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA). Currently, the network is made up of 42 members from 14 countries, ranging from Latvia to Kyrgyzstan.

ECOM aims to create favourable conditions to ensure that men who have sex with men and transgender people have access to evidence based and human rights oriented services in the field of sexual and reproductive health, including HIV prevention and treatment.


Services description

The main responsibility of the legal services provider is analysis and response to ad-hoc queries from the representatives of ECOM for all legal matter, including but not limited to:

  • Registration (amendment of registration) of MTÜ;
  • Contacts with local authorities;
  • Employment and labour legislation;
  • Temporary residence application;
  • Analysis and update of legal contracts with vendors, consultants and sub-recipients;
  • Relationship with counterparties outside of Estonia;
  • Other legal aspects of ECOM operations.


Requirements to the firm

  • At least 3 year of experience as a legal advisor firm in Estonia;
  • Deep knowledge of Estonian legislation;
  • Ability to analyse documents in English, Russian and Estonian;
  • Work experience with MTÜ would be an advance.


Payment for the services and estimated scope of work

Payment for the services will be made based on the actual time spent for each particular assignment and hourly rate, agreed for the whole duration of the agreement.

Estimated scope of work for the period from March 2018 to February 2019 is 20-30 working hours.

Actual scope of work will be based on the real needs and may significantly vary from the above mentioned. ECOM do not have any obligation to order certain amount of services.


Application should include
1. Cover letter, including general information about the bidder, in particular (a) data on the general number of qualified staff to fulfil the set task; (b) information about auditing firm’s experience;
2. CV of individuals who are expected to be engaged into this task;
3. Costs proposal – hourly rate including taxes;
4. Any other information that may be helpful.


Application process
ECOM considers applications only from organizations.
Applications must be submitted by email to with a reference “External legal services”.

Deadline for submission: until 16 February 2018, 23:59 EET.

Only candidates who meet the requirements indicated above will be informed about the results of their application review.

If you have any questions about this competition, please contact Iurii Zozulynskyi, ECOM Finances and Administration Director, via e-mail: