ECOM’s Regional Program ‘Right to Health’

R-T-HRegional Program RIGHT TO HEALTH

Community Actions to Increase Access of MSM and Transgender People to HIV Services in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia


The goal of the program is to contribute to an increased uptake and retention across the continuum of HIV care for MSM and trans* people in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Learn more on the participating countries here.


The three objectives of the Program are:

Objective 1: To contribute to increasing MSM and trans* community participation in decision-making in national HIV responses. Read more.

Objective 2. To contribute to building the capacity of MSM and trans* organizations by strengthening organizational structures, technical competence and fundraising capacity. Read more.

Objective 3. To strengthen enabling environments for HIV services for MSM and trans* people, through fighting stigma and discrimination, promoting and protecting human rights, and removing legal and policy barriers. Read more.


Program description file:

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