3. Strengthening enabling environments


Objective 3: To strengthen enabling environments for HIV services for MSM and trans* people, through fighting stigma and discrimination, promoting and protecting human rights, and removing or mitigating legal and policy barriers

3.1. Legal and policy environment assessment and law reform

Activities in this intervention aim to establish a base of information that will inform further action and advocacy related to rights and legal frameworks. This modular intervention is a necessary foundation for the subsequent interventions.

Key regional activities:
• Design assessment protocol for national-level assessments of legal environment, focusing on available tools and instruments to protect rights and drive positive change
• Consolidate main findings from national-level assessments for development of best practice guidance documents, and for use as part of advocacy plans

Key national activities:
• Conduct legal environment assessments
• Produce and present national assessment report to relevant decision-makers and allies (as part of advocacy, as further described in Policy advocacy on legal rights, below)Close

3.2. Legal aid services and legal literacy

3.3. Community-based monitoring of legal rights

3.4. Policy advocacy on legal rights

3.5. Training on rights for public employees