Yuri Privalov

Study on the Attitudes of Staff of Key Social Services of Five Countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia towards LGBT People

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The goal of the study was to assess the attitude of representatives of three key services (professional groups: health and social workers, as well as police) towards LGBT people in five countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (CEECA). The assessment evaluated two components: respondents’ personal attitudes towards LGBT people and respondents’ assessment of the attitudes of members of their professional group towards LGBT people. An analysis of the attitude towards homosexuality, as such, helps to form a preliminary view of the respondents’ personal attitudes towards LGBT people. The results of the study showed that respondents from almost all professional groups held positive attitudes in all five CEECA countries covered by the study. Only police officers in Kyrgyzstan were an exception to this rule: they hold negative views of homosexuality as a phenomenon. It is also important to note that social workers tend to hold more positive views of LGBT people in comparison with health workers and the police, however, this conclusion is not true for every CEECA country.

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