About ECOM. Who we are?

ECOM – Eurasian Coalition on Health, Rights, Gender and Sexual Diversity is an international non-governmental association, located in Tallinn, Estonia. We are a membership-based association, open for non-profits and individuals working in the field of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevention and treatment for gay men and other men who have sex with men, and transgender people, in the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA). Currently, the network is made up of 76 members from 19 countries, ranging from Estonia to Tajikistan.


ECOM unites the efforts of all stakeholders at cross-country level in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to create favorable conditions for all gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men and all trans* people to have access to evidence-based and human rights-oriented health services, including HIV prevention and treatment.

Our Vision

We work in the countries of EECA to ensure that:

  • MSM and trans* people have access to timely treatment and support options on sexual, reproductive and mental health where they can openly disclose treatment-relevant information on their sexual behavior and gender identity.
  • The level of stigma towards gay and other MSM and trans* people has been reduced, primarily among health care providers.
    HIV-service organizations serving MSM and trans* people acknowledge the value of human rights in HIV prevention; while LGBT organizations include sexual and reproductive health care into their agenda.
  • State, non-governmental, international organizations and businesses have partnered up in creating health care services for MSM and trans* people. Representatives of HIV-service organizations, dealing with MSM and trans* people, as well as LGBT organizations are members of coordination and operational structures at international, national and local levels.
  • Legislative framework and policy environment as a minimum have no barriers to effective operation of MSM/trans*-service and LGBT organizations:
    • MSM and trans* people are defined as a separate target group under national HIV prevention programs;
    • Scope of services for MSM and trans* people is adopted through regulation and implemented in the majority of countries in EECA region;
    • HIV-related programs and services for MSM and trans* people are well-funded including through state and local budgets;
    • Legislative barriers for official registration of community organizations are removed.
  • A comprehensive system has been put in place for monitoring and evaluation of HIV epidemic among MSM and trans* people, including quality assessment involving communities.
  • Anti-discrimination legislation has been adopted the countries of the EECA region, prohibiting sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination.

Goal and objectives in 2017-2021

Promote advocacy, leadership and partnerships to ensure sustainability of health care and HIV prevention programs among MSM and trans* people in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

  • Facilitate the promotion of activism, leadership and community mobilization addressing health care
  • Ensure recognition of MSM and trans* communities’ agenda at different levels of decision-making and allocation of funding under health care and HIV programs
  • Contribute to formation of legal and social environment conducive of the right to health
  • Develop ECOM’s capacity