Rules on Membership in the Eurasian Coalition on Male Health

This document is comprised of rules based on the Charter of the Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM) (hereinafter—the Association) and regulates the procedures for the admission and withdrawal of ECOM members, as well as documentation procedures related to ECOM membership issues.

  1. General Provisions

1.1. The Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM) is a non-commercial association of individuals and legal entities registered in the territory of the Republic of Estonia, which operates in the public interest and whose main purpose is not to obtain income through economic activity. ECOM acts on the basis of its Charter.

1.2. The Eurasian Coalition on Male Health provides for a fixed membership of individuals and legal entities.


2. Criteria of ECOM Member

2.1. An ECOM member may be any natural or legal person that shares the mission of the Association, and that acts in accordance with ECOM’s Charter and decisions taken by the General Assembly.

2.2. An ECOM member may be an individual above the age of 18 or a legal entity.

2.3. An individual who is an employee and/or a member of the board of a member organization of ECOM cannot become an ECOM member.

2.4. The main requirements for ECOM members are:

For individuals:

-activists of the LGBT movement;

-specialists in the field of HIV-services for MSM and related areas.

For initiative groups:

-Since an initiative group is not a legal entity, it may select one representative who will represent the interests of the group as an individual ECOM member.

For legal entities:

-LGBTI+ community organization;

-organization providing services to MSM and transgender people or conducting advocacy on related issues.

2.5 ECOM members must in agreement with the ECOM’s Charter and Strategic Plan.


3. Admission of ECOM  Members

3.1. Those wishing to become an ECOM member should fill out the membership application on ECOM’s website ( The Steering Committee, no later than one month after receiving the application, will decide whether to approve or deny membership in the Association and will inform the applicant about the decision.

3.2. The decision on admitting ECOM members is carried out during meetings of ECOM’s Steering Committee. If the majority of Steering Committee members vote in favor of admitting the candidate, then the decision is considered to be adopted.

3.3. A recommendation from at least one current member is required.

3.4. Membership in ECOM is free.

3.5. In the event that an ECOM member is hired as a staff member of ECOM’s Secretariat, that member loses the right to vote.


4. Rights and Obligations of ECOM Members

4.1. ECOM members have the right:

  • To participate in all events, organized by the Association for ECOM members.
  • To participate in votes of the General Assembly, with the exception of such cases as outlined in section 3.5.
  • To receive information about ECOM’s activities.
  • To withdraw from the Association on the basis of a written notification.
  • To be elected to the Steering Committee.
  • To provide suggestions for the improvement of ECOM’s activities.
  • To participate as an ECOM member in international events with the agreement of the Steering Committee and the Chair of the Steering Committee.
  • To join other public associations, whose goals and objectives do not contradict ECOM’s Charter.
  • To priority consideration of project applications.
  • To priority participation in events conducted by ECOM.
  • To priority consideration of abstracts for participation in ECOM conferences.

4.2. ECOM members are required:

  • To observe the provisions of ECOM’s Charter and governing documents (policies, code, etc.).
  • To share the ECOM’s mission.
  • To properly implement the obligations assumed in relation to ECOM.
  • To implement the decisions of the governing bodies of ECOM.
  • To raise the profile of ECOM.
  • To provide current contact information to the Steering Committee via the Secretariat for proper recording of the membership of the organization.


5. Procedure for Withdrawal (or Expulsion) of ECOM Members

5.1. Voluntary withdrawal from ECOM

  • Voluntary withdrawal from ECOM membership is done by submitting a notification to ECOM’s Steering Committee via the Secretariat.
  • ECOM membership is considered to be terminated from the moment that the notification of the person terminating his membership in the organization is registered.

5.2. Expulsion of an ECOM member occurs:

If the Steering Committee determines that a member of ECOM, by his actions, contradicts the goals of the Association, ignores the Charter of the Association, or causes harm to the name and reputation of the Association (on the basis of section 2.4 of ECOM’s Charter).

In the absence of any information from an ECOM member for 1 year, including following repeated requests by the Secretariat to provide current contact information for the purpose of registering members of the Association.

5.3. The decision on expelling ECOM members is made at the meeting of the Steering Committee. The reason for the expulsion is recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

5.4. Information regarding the decision to expel an ECOM member is sent to the address provided in his/her membership records.

5.5. A person expelled from ECOM membership has the right to appeal the decision of the Steering Committee within 1 month after receiving the notice of their expulsion. The appeal is considered during the next meeting of the Steering Committee.  The decision is recorded in the minutes of the meeting, and an excerpt of this is sent to the address of the person about whom the decision is being made.  If the Steering Committee confirms its decision to expel the member, the appeal is then sent to the General Assembly of the Association.  The decision of the General Assembly is final.


6. Registration of ECOM Members

6.1. Annually, during the first quarter, the Secretariat should conduct an audit of ECOM members. Information about the audit is sent to the addresses provided by ECOM members and to other possible contacts.  Members of ECOM are required to provide up-to-date information about themselves in accordance with the terms indicated in the informational letter.  The Secretariat provides the Steering Committee with the results of the audit.

6.2. The Steering Committee and Secretariat, having information about ECOM members, are required to keep the contact information of the organization’s members confidential, and are responsible, in accordance with the Charter and Estonian legislation, for disclosures of the personal information of a member of the Association.