On 28 January, a 23-year-old transgender woman Miranda Pagava, an activist from on of the local LGBT organizations, was attacked in the center of Tbilisi.

According to Pagava, the incident occurred at dawn near the Vakiyskiy Park. When she got out of a taxi an unknown man sitting in a stopped car noticed her. He tried to make a conversation with her and began to ask questions about her biological sex. Then he got out of his car and attacked Miranda. During the attack the woman asked for help from the staff of the nearest store, but nobody helped her.

In an interview with Rustavi 2, she said that she regularly faces aggression directed at her and other trans* people, the News-Georgia agency informs. She says that this situation is unbearable for her and she intends to leave her country.

Photo Source: equality.ge

“In Georgia people act violently against me because of my gender identity. It make impossible for me to find a job in spite of my education and abilities. Soon I am planning to apply for refugee status in some European country. I no longer have the strength to fight so many toxic people”, – she said.

According to Georgy Tabagari, a representative of the organization “Equality Movement”, “At the moment the police are investigating the case. A medical examination is planned to be conducted. We hope that this case will be investigated properly.”

Due to the incident the MIA initiated an investigation under “violence” article. According to Pagava, the attacker has been detained.

“Recently the Ministry of Internal Affairs established a new human rights department and this attack will be its first investigation,” added Georgy Tabagari.

The article was prepared by our own information and the information of “Ekho Kavkaza