On February 1, 2018 ECOM has appointed Raminta Stuikyte as facilitator of its new regional multi-sector mechanism – Regional Platform for Policy Reform (RPPR). RPPR will be comprised of community and public sector representatives from ECOM project countries from EECA region, regional and global actors involved in health and HIV issues of MSM and trans people. RPPR members will review results of relevant studies and come up with multi-stakeholder Joint Engagement Strategy and Action Plan (JESAP).

“Due to the crackdown on LGBT rights in the region, phasing out funding from donor community, slow or insufficient transition to domestic funding makes MSM and Trans people even more vulnerable to health related problems and especially HIV epidemic. Creation of this regional platform will contribute to multi-stakeholder shared vision and approach to finding solutions to new challenges in HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support, as well as other important health issues for LGBTIQ community in our region”, said Executive Director of ECOM, Vitaly Djuma.

Raminta Stuikyte has been working in promoting transformation of policies and strengthening civil society in the field of HIV, drug policy, access to medicines for and social justice for her whole professional life. She advises UNAIDS Special Advisor on HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis in the region who until recently served as the UN Special Envoy on HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Raminta works with Open Society Foundations on increasing sustainability and reducing harms of fast donor transition. It helped strategic planning, capacity building, evaluations and advocacy initiatives of regional HIV and drug policy networks and initiatives across Europe including ECOM. She serves on the UNAIDS Reference Group on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights.