The Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM) is an association of organizations, groups and activists in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA), advocating for improved access of men who have sex with men (MSM) and trans* people to evidence-based and human rights oriented services in the field of sexual and reproductive health, including HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.

ECOM unites the efforts of all stakeholders at cross-country level in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to create favorable conditions for all gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men and all trans* people to have access to evidence-based and human rights-oriented health services, including HIV prevention and treatment. You can find more information about ECOM at our website

ECOM implements the project “Coordinated, strategic, and resolute: MSM and transgender networks united” with the financial support of the Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund (RCNF).

The project is designed to support the global efforts to alleviate the impact of HIV and AIDS among gay men and other MSM and trans populations around the world and to enable gay men and MSM and trans individuals to safely seek HIV care and services.

To strengthen enabling environments for HIV services for MSM and trans people, through fighting stigma and discrimination, promoting and protecting human rights, and removing legal and policy barriers ECOM starts to collect data for measuring current legislative barriers for gay men, other MSM and trans people accessing HIV and general health services in 6 countries in EECA regions: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan and Ukraine.


Tasks for consultant:

  1. To collect and analyze data according to the ECOM Protocol, in particular:

– National laws, bylaws and practice in 1 of the abovementioned countries – Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan and/or Ukraine.

– To fill all collected data into the ECOM provided data table making sure that all cells corresponds to the assignment and all links are active.

  1. To collect and describe case studies according to assignment provided within the ECOM Baseline Assessment and data table.

A consultant can apply to collect data rather just in one of the countries, as well as in several.


The main contact persons for the contractors will be ECOM Human Rights and Legal Issues Officer, Yuri Yoursky ( He will also conduct monitoring and make final assessment of work.


Timeframe of work

The work should be started no later than June 1, 2018 and completed by June 15, 2018.

The data table (all cells) provided to the Consultant should be filled in Russian or English and sent to ECOM no later than June 15, 2018.

ECOM might contact the Consultant for additional information on the table and collected data after he completion of the task.

The report on the work performed should be prepared and sent to ECOM no later than 5 working days after the end of the contract.




  1. Data according to the protocol developed by ECOM is collected and all appropriate cells in ECOM proposed table on selected country is filled. (includes issues related to prohibition on travel and immigration for people living with HIV; criminalization of HIV transmission; prohibition for MSM to be blood donors; access for NGOs working with MSM or LGBT to the state funding to provide social and health services; Legislation and policies in the sphere of sexual orientation and gender identity (same-sex relations; prohibition of “gay propaganda”; legal gender recognition and related procedures; legal status of same-sex couples and adoption); freedom of expression and assembly in the context of LGBT community; anti-discrimination laws – in particular, in relation to sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression; hate crimes (homophobia and transphobia based).
  2. Desk research includes relevant references to all acting laws and case studies where it is required by ECOM proposed table.
  3. Consultant is ready to provide additional comments and explanations once ECOM has clarification questions and needs more data on particular issues in this country.


Reward and compensation

A service contract will be signed between the consultant and the EСOM, according to which ECOM will not be liable for the payment of any taxes by the consultant. The consultant does all the necessary taxes and other payments by the law of the country of their residence.

Period for performance should not exceed 5 working days.

Requirements to the consultant:


  • Work experience with LGBT or HIV-service NGOs;
  • Relevant education no less than Master Degree;
  • Previous data collection and/or desk research experience;
  • Experience in analyzing the laws;
  • Good command skills of English or Russian.



  • Good command skills in one of the national languages of the country you plan to collect data on.


How to apply

ECOM will consider proposals from individuals and organizations.

Interested candidates are requested to send applications to: with the letterhead “ECOM assessment of current legislative barriers 2018”.

Deadline for submission: June 4, 2018 at 23:59 EET.

Only candidates who will meet the requirements presented in this announcement will be notified on the results of success of their applications.

Applications should include:

  • Information about company background or CV for individuals;
  • Brief proposal with budget (Euro), with a clear indication of the data will be collected.