Assessment of EECA countries preparedness for PrEP

Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM) is soliciting proposals from consultants to develop and conduct the Assessment of EECA countries preparedness for introduction of PrEP services for representatives of gay men, other MSM and for trans people (GMT) according to the WHO recommendations.

The goal of the Assessment is to define main obstacles for introducing PrEP, ensuring quality and access to PrEP services for all GMT in need.



In January 2018, ECOM has launched a Regional Project “PrEPare EECA” supported by ViiV Healthcare, which aims at increasing the access to innovative and scientifically proven methods of HIV prevention.

The goal of the assessment is to gather data required for development of national and regional advocacy aimed at increasing preparedness of EECA countries for introduction of PrEP.

Under the project, results of this assessment will be used for development of a regional advocacy campaign.


Description of Services required

ECOM is seeking expert’s assistance for implementation of following objectives:

  1. Gathering and analysis of data listed below for following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan.

Following data have to be gathered and analyzed:

– are the medicines used for PrEP registered in the countries?

– do national standards/recommendations on use of ARV medicines mention and regulate the use of ARV medicines for PrEP?

– were/are there any trainings conducted or planned for medical professionals in the country on implementation of PrEP programs?

– were/are there any trainings conducted or planned for key populations’ community-based organizations in the country on implementation of PrEP programs, particularly on engagement of community members in PrEP and provision of informational and social support to PrEP users?

– do LGBT community organizations in the country have an experience of implementation of joint projects with HIV and other sexual health service providers?

– is introduction of PrEP mentioned as one of objectives in the national transition plan, the national HIV/AIDS strategy, or other similar strategic documents? If so, how is expected to be financed?

For gathering the data, a consultant has to evaluate corresponding national and international documents and conduct a survey among relevant informants from international and national organizations (such as WHO, UNAIDS, national CDC/MoH, local LGBT NGOs). All documents for analysis and forms for the survey will be collected/elaborated in cooperation with corresponding ECOM employees.

  1. Lead an online discussion on the assessment results engaging the group of ECOM members and partners involved in this project (an overage 12 people, some of them know English language and other can communicate in Russian language only).
  2. Prepare a report on the assessment results, which will include: a) the report summary (2-3 author’s pages), b) the report itself (15-20 author pages), c) a list of materials used and experts interviewed during the development of the assessment. The report’ final version has to be submitted in English or Russian language.

During this consultancy, a consultant will work under the supervision of ECOM Community Health Systems Coordinator or other assigned ECOM representative.


Timelines and deliverables

The work has to be finished by August 1, 2018.

The data gathering methodology has to be ready by June 10th.

The 1st draft of the report is expected to be done and sent for comments to ECOM and involved partners by July 10th.

Comments to the first draft will be provided in 5 working days.


Remuneration and Compensation

Amount of remuneration is a matter of negotiation between ECOM and consultant(s) before signing the agreement.

ECOM will sign with consultant(s) a consultancy agreement. ECOM is not taking any obligations and responsibilities for paying any taxes for consultant(s).


Consultant Qualifications


  • Proved by documents experience of development and conduction of HIV policy, programs and services assessment.
  • Knowledge of WHO recommendations related to HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis for GMT.
  • Knowledge of WHO/MSMIT recommendations related to community based service provision.
  • Skills in reports writing.
  • English and Russian languages.
  • Experience in communication with governmental officials, medical practitioners and LGBT community activists in area of HIV response.
  • Knowledge of advocacy approaches and technics.
  • Skills in online communication (e-mail, Skype and so on).


  • Other things being equal, preference will be given to applicants listed in the ECOM consultants’ data base.


Application Process

ECOM will consider applications from individuals. Interested applicants must submit their applications by email with a reference ‘Consultancy for Assessment of PrEP Preparedness’ to e-address:

Deadline for submission: May 31st, 2018, 23:59 EET.

Applications should include:

  1. CV outlining experience in conducting similar work.
  2. Brief financial proposal (1 page max) outlining timetable and budget (number of days and daily rate).

Application materials are non-returnable.

For more information, prospective consultants may contact Gennady Roshchupkin, ECOM Community Health Systems Coordinator, at gena[at]

Dowload the call in pdf: