Terms of Reference for Consultancy
Development and support the implementation of the awareness campaign on the preexposure prophylaxis of HIV in countries from the Balkan and Eastern Europe and Central Asia regions (BEECA)

ECOM is searching for a consultant (an individual or an organization) who will implement the work introduced below.


In 2012 WHO has for the first time recommended pre-exposure prophylaxis as an effective method of HIV prevention among MSM and other key populations. Since that, more than 70 countries worldwide have introduced PrEP for HIV prevention among MSM, and three of these countries are in the EECA region. In addition, five more EECA countries plan to introduce PrEP for key populations including MSM by 2021.

According to the assessment of countries’ readiness to start PrEP services for MSM and other key populations, which ECOM has conducted in 2018, there are following key obstacles for speeding-up the PrEP introduction in the EECA countries for MSM: low awareness on PrEP among MSM, low support from medical professionals, and uncertainty with the issue of funding of PrEP.

Considering these issues, ECOM has decided to conduct an informational campaign for reducing these obstacles for fast PrEP introduction in the EECA and Balkans regions.

Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM) is a regional network of LGBTI organizations and activists working in area of MSM and trans persons sexual health, particularly for HIV prevention. More information about ECOM is available on the Coalition’ website: www.ecom.ngo


The Goal of the campaign

Motivate potential PrEP users to start using PrEP for preventing HIV infection, and engage corresponding medical and social workers for the support of PrEP users regardless the presence or absence of the organized PrEP services in a country.

The campaign results expected

  • Potential PrEP users from within MSM populations in the Balkans and EECA countries have increased the learning about PrEP as a method of HIV Prevention and about the means to get and use PrEP for preventing HIV infection.
  • Medical and social workers from medical organizations and community-based NGOs have increased the learning about how they can support and assist potential PrEP users in getting PrEP and effectively use it for HIV

Specification of the campaign

  1. The campaign has to promote PrEP as an effective method of HIV prevention for men who have sex with men (MSM).
  2. The main target group of the campaign is MSM populations in the Balkans’ and EECA regions.
  3. The secondary target group is medical and social workers engaged in the prevention of HIV infection among MSM.
  4. Main messages of the campaign are based on the WHO recommendations and include following messages:
    1. For MSM:
      1. PrEP is an effective method to prevent HIV infection among MSM;
      2. MSM can buy and use PrEP themselves with support from medical specialists;
  • LGBTI organizations have to provide the support to MSM using PrEP regardless existing or absence of organized PrEP services in the country.
  1. For medical and social workers:
    1. PrEP is an effective method to prevent HIV infection among MSM;
    2. Medical and social workers engaged in the HIV prevention among MSM have to provide the support to MSM using PrEP regardless existing or absence of organized PrEP services in the country
  2. The campaign basic informational materials are 5 informational posters that will be placed on a simple and easy-to-use informational web site dedicated to PrEP in Balkans’ and EECA’ countries only. Each poster has to be from 2 to 4 authors pages size, dedicated to a concrete theme/issue related to PrEP, and based on the WHO recommendations. All themes for the posters will be coordinated with the ECOM focal point.
  3. The campaign logo and style have to include an image of medications using for PrEP and reflect the affiliation with the regions, MSM, and safer sex. The promo (viral) video has to be from 12 to 15 seconds long and based on the campaign main slogans and images of PrEP and MSM.
  4. The logo and all other visual materials have to be adopted for screening at (small) mobile devices.


Objectives/targets for the consultant

  1. Considering the campaign goal, expected results, and specifications, develop the campaign’ strategy, implementation plan and M&E.
  2. Considering the campaign target groups and main messages, develop the logo, slogans, basic informational materials (posters), a short promo (viral) video, and the banners for the campaign, which will correspond to the specifications above.
  3. Develop and launch the informational web site in accordance with the specification above.
  4. Coordinate distribution of the campaign banners and other materials with corresponding community NGOs and other organizations in BEECA.
  5. Develop a report on the consultancy based on the ECOM requirements.


Remuneration and deadlines for the consultant

The work has to be fully accomplished by May 31, 2019

Total remuneration for this consultancy cannot exceed 3500 (three thousands and five hundreds) US dollars. No other payments or compensations will be paid. All related taxes and fees have to be paid by the consultant.


Required capacities and qualifications for the consultant

  1. Justified by evidence experience in the development of informational campaigns related to health issues.
  2. Justified by evidence experience in the development of simple and users-friendly web sites.
  3. Justified by evidence experience in the development of informational materials (posters, brochures, articles and so on).
  4. Awareness on LGBTI health issues, particularly on HIV among MSM.
  5. Awareness on the WHO recommendations on PrEP.
  6. Good knowledge of English and Russian languages.
  7. Experience of work with LGBTI organizations and organizations of PLHIV is an asset.


Submission of Applications

Applicants have to submit their applications included a CV, the budget proposition, and preliminary description of steps and schedule of the work implementation until March 25th, 2019.

Send your applications, please, to contact@ecom.ngo indicating in the issue of the letter “PrEP Info Campaign”.

In case of any questions related to this consultancy, contact Gennady Roshchupkin, Coordinator of Community Systems Strengthening: gena@ecom.ngo