Webinar on self-assessment of organizational capacity

29 March 2019 - 2:00 UTC+3

In the frames of ECAT assessment, ECOM prepared a webinar on self-assessment of organizational capacity.

Goal:  strengthening organizational capacity of ECOM’s sub-recipient organizations through self – assessment of organizational development.

Trainer: Elena Nechosina, consultant on organizational development (nechosina@gmail.com)


  1. What is organizational capacity and organizational development? Why is it important for NGOs?
  2. Organizational capacity components: institutional, programme and financial.
  3. Organizational capacity assessment: what for, who conducts, which methods are applied?
  4. ЕCАТ: assessment vs self-assessment.
  5. ECAT self-assessment tool: introduction.
  6. How to conduct ECAT self-assessment: team and steps.
  7. Results of self-assessment: what’s next?
  8. Questions and answers


Additional materials

Скачать (PDF, 828KB)

Скачать (XLSX, 66KB)



Elena Nechosina
consultant on organizational development