General information about Consultation

General information about Consultation


The Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM) organized the 3rd Regional Consultation on HIV among MSM and Trans*People in Eastern Europe and Central Asia was held in 18-19 November, 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia.

The overall goal of the 3rd Regional Consultation is to develop multi-stakeholder approaches for acceleration of national and regional responses to the HIV epidemic among MSM and trans* people in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Objectives of the 3rd Regional Consultation:

  • To take stock of the current status of regional response to HIV epidemic among MSM and trans* people and community engagement in EECA
  • To discuss accessibility of funds and scope of HIV programs among MSM and trans* people in EECA
  • To present changes in legislative environment and best legislative and regulatory practices related to SOGI and HIV in EECA
  • To agree on roadmaps to accelerate and sustain national and regional responses to the HIV epidemic among MSM and trans* people in EECA


The key identified topics of the Consultation are:

  • Achievements, best practices and lessons learnt in the HIV response;
  • Community participation in the design and implementation of national health and human rights policies;
  • Domestic funding: today and tomorrow. Accessibility of state funding and sustainability issues of HIV programs targeting MSM and trans* people;
  • Strategic information. Differences in approaches and data quality in sub-regions;
  • HIV services: standards, accessibility, services cascade, country experiences in provision;
  • Health and rights issues of trans* community;
  • Legal environment related to access to HIV services for MSM and trans* people in EECA;
  • Stigma and discrimination. Human rights protection mechanisms and tools in EECA in 2017-2019;
  • New challenges and approaches in community work (chemsex, PrEP, U=U, etc.)

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