Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM) is soliciting proposals from individual consultants to develop a review of the MSM and community engagement in the Global Fund processes in countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia


Eurasian Coalition on Male Health is an international network of LGBT community organizations and other NGOs working in the area of gay men’, other MSM’, and trans people’ sexual health and rights in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (CEECA).

ECOM mission is to create favorable conditions to ensure that men who have sexual relations with other men and transgender people have access to services in the field of sexual and reproductive health, mainly to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support, based on respect for their human rights.

One of ECOM targets is to support the meaningful engagement of LGBT community representatives in the processes of national HIV strategies, including the Global Fund grants. In cooperation with the M.Pact and partners from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Moldova, ECOM develops the project “Strengthening Capacity of the KP Networks” which directed to reaching of this target.

The main technical background for this project is the Global Fund recommendations on SOGI and the key communities’ meaningful engagement available on the Global Fund web site, and ECOM strategic plan available on the ECOM web site.

In the end of 2019, the project partners will discuss the issue of LGBT community meaningful engagement at the 3rd Regional Consultation on HIV in MSM and trans people in EECA. The review has to provide the Consultation participants with examples of meaningful engagement and feed a productive discussion on how to increase the effectiveness of the LGBT community groups and organizations’ representation in the national programs on health protection and development.


Description of Services required and Timelines

ECOM is seeking an expert’s assistance to collect and analyze information on the LGBT communities meaningful engagement in the Global Fund processes in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Moldova.

The review has to cover the following themes:

–             What is meaningful engagement, what are mechanisms and approaches of/for it?

–             The dynamic of the LGBT communities’ meaningful engagement in the Global Fund related processes in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Moldova. (This part will be developed based on the national reviews prepared by the national partners in advance.)

–             Case studies/personal stories/portraits presenting the LGBT community representatives in Country Coordinating Mechanisms in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Moldova. (Preferably developed in the form of interview or as a direct speech of the CCM members representing the LGBT communities.)

The first and second themes will be developed in close cooperation with ECOM specialists.

The review has to be developed in English or Russian language.

The document recommended volume is 9000 – 10000 words.

The first pre-final draft of the review has to be provided to ECOM by September 20. All works related to the review has to be finalized by October 7th.


Consultant Qualifications

  • Proven by examples the experience in writing educational materials, articles, brochures, and reports. An applicant has to provide at least three materials where she/he is the main author. At least three corresponding materials developed in the last three years have to be sent as attached to application documents in Word or PDF with a description of where and when each material was developed and published.
  • Proven interviewing skills. These skills have to be proven by providing at least three interviews applicant made in the last two years. Corresponding materials or links to the interview placed online have to be provided along with the application.
  • Good knowledge of Russian and English languages.  
  • Good understanding of the specificity of HIV prevention and care in the EECA region. It can be proven by the story of participation in the work of LGBT and/or HIV-service NGO in the region.


Application Process

ECOM will consider applications only from individuals. Interested people must submit their applications by email referenced under title “М5 Assessment” at

Deadline for submission: August 16, 2019 at 18:00 EET.

Applications should include:

  • Cover Letter outlining experience in conducting similar work along with CV.
  • Brief proposal (1 page max.) and budget.

Any materials provided within the application are non-returnable.

For more information, prospective consultants may contact Gennady Roshchupkin at