Study of Internalized Homonegativity (Internal Homophobia)

Study of Internalized Homonegativity (Internal Homophobia)

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Year of Issue: 2018

Source: ECOM

Language : ENG

Internalized homonegativity (IH) is an important factor related to the poor health of MSM and their inadequate access to relevant services. IH can be defined as a negative attitude towards one’s own homosexuality, adopted by MSM themselves in homophobic societies. Existing studies unequivocally suggest that IH is a barrier to HIV testing, coverage of HIV prevention services, and to participation in the work of organizations assisting gay and bisexual men. There is also mixed evidence that IH directly or indirectly contributes to risky sexual practices among MSM. However, very little research on this topic has been conducted in the CEECA region.

The Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM) initiated this study in order to systematically examine the level of IH and its links with MSM health, HIV prevention, and possible mobilization for the right to health advocation.

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