The Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM) presents a model policy on volunteer cooperation, which is going to be useful for any public organization to use while framing the volunteer work.

The document in question describes the principles and methods of organizing the volunteer work: headhunting, hiring, forms and organizations of work, rights and obligations, motivation. Apart from that, the document helps to create productive working conditions for existing and prospective volunteers, their professional and personal growth.

Erika Tserkasina, ECOM’s Programme Officer, indicates, “The Template ‘Guidance Notes on adaptationof the model Volunteers Policy.” was developed for the sub recipients of the ‘Right to Health’ programme, which is carried out by ECOM and it is recommended as the basis for establishing policies within partner-organizations. We realized that the given tool would be handy for a wider circle of organizations, which was why we decided to make it available for general use. We’re sure that it will help to adjust the volunteer work in any organization in the EECA region.”

It is vital to note that prior to utilizing this document, it is necessary to research the national normative-legal acts that regulate volunteer work in every specific country. Among others, the objects of research should include terminology, principles and forms of volunteering, volunteer rights and obligations, and the peculiarities of contract relations between the organization and the volunteer.