The second European Chemsex forum has taken place in Berlin and was attended by 242 participants from 32 countries including several participants from EECA region, including several Board member of the Eurasian Coalition on Male Health. Forum has proactively looked at participation from representatives of EECA region, and the objective of the forum was to discuss problematic chemsex use, review best practices and identify common challenges and needs that need to be addressed in the region.

The day before conference kicked off, organizers offered a day of training on basic issues connected with chemsex problematic use. The trainers used various media to present what approaches are there to fight harm caused by problematic use. Training participant have participated in the role play when they had to consult hypothetical client with made up case.

Next two days of the event was devoted to the conference. Presenters mostly focused on two main approaches to manage this problem: abstinence based interventions and harm reduction strategies. Some scholars spoke about the mixed techniques of these two and added that this approach may help us target users before they realize they have problem and are ready to quit.

During evenings social program was supplementing the main conference program. There were talks and theatre production presented by the organizers. During the talk “Let’s talk about sex and drugs”, participant were welcome to stand up and have free microphone for 5 minutes and talk about any experience they needed to share. While theatre production “Chemsex Monologues” focused on different real life situations to provoke discussion later, after performance has finished.

During the conference, several organizations and scientists were presenting their interventions at the special organizational stands, as well as in a form of poster presentations. Two countries from the region: Russia and Ukraine have presented studies related to substance use among LGBTI people.