From March 27th till March 31st 2019, a transgender sex worker from STAR-STAR (North Macedonia) participated at the Transposyum and Transgender’s March upon invitation by the Trans Network Balkan, organized in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

During the Transposyum, the Macedonian representative holds 90 minutes oral-speech session on sex work behind the door. The other participants at the event welcomed the transgender sex worker on the panel, saying that sex workers’ participation in such or similar kind of events is crucial in order to present the diversity within the transgender community.

Taking into account that the participant has been pretty inexperienced in public speeches delivery as well as with a lack of knowledge and experience in terms of transgender community mobilization and socialization, she recognized this opportunity not only as an educational challenge but her personal contribution to transgender visibility leading the Transgender’s march.
After her arrival, she shared the experience she gained from Zagreb with Star-Star staff as well as with other sex workers and transgender people.

The participation at the Transposyum was technically supported by Star-Star and Stronger Together and financially supported by The Eurasian Coalition on Male Health – ECOM, within the frame of the “Right to Health” Program.