ECOM taught partners the intricacies of conducting cnline training sessions

Июнь 16, 2022
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On June 7-9, 2022, for the first time in the EECA region, ECOM held a unique training session for trainers on the specifics of conducting online events.

We taught 19 trainers from among ECOM members who already conduct both offline and online training sessions. During the training, we discussed what types of online training exist, how online training differs from offline training, whether group dynamics change in online training (spoiler: yes!), and what tools we can use.

In our reality, there are quite a few external factors that move online learning forward: in some countries, these are quarantine measures and the inability to gather many people in one room; in others, it is lack of budget to work with communities, when there is not enough funding to cover expensive travel costs or accommodation for participants; it is also a safety issue: not all countries make it possible for LGBT participants and training participants to gather in public places and feel safe, and in these cases online training provides more opportunities, as well as inclusion.

So, having collected the experience of ECOM and our friendly specialists, Elena German and Marina Didenko developed a program that in 3 days helped the participants to gain knowledge on how to adapt and modify the program and exercises to conduct high-quality and effective online training sessions.

“When we have the opportunity, we conduct offline training sessions,” says Elena German, trainer and capacity building coordinator at ECOM. "But when we have various restrictions, it is online events that come to the rescue. LGBT communities very often face various kinds of restrictions, so ECOM became the first regional network to develop and conduct such a training session”


At the end of the 3-day training session, the participants, who adapted their training experience to online realities, shared their feedback on the training:

“Thank you for the amazing training! I didn’t think that online training would be cooler, more effective and exciting than offline. You know this feeling when after watching a movie you leave the cinema and for some time you lose the perception of time and space. Every day after the training, I had exactly this feeling.” Svetlana, the T9 NSK project for transgender people and their close ones, Russia
“Thanks to ECOM for the opportunity to learn new things and remember what has partially been forgotten. These are difficult times, but the non-governmental sector of Ukraine is ready to continue fighting for the increase in the level of knowledge about public health and at the same time for the reduction in stigma and discrimination. Thanks to the trainers, I discovered new tools and forms of organization of the training process, which will ensure that future meetings with the audience are interesting, bright, productive and, most importantly, with good group dynamics.” Sergey, 100% of life. Kyiv region, Ukraine
“The skills, tools and practical knowledge gained at this training showed that online training can be interesting, hold the audience's attention, safe, effective and motivational, and life hacks shared by the trainers will help improve the productivity of these training sessions and increase your professional level as a trainer." Oliver


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