ECOM discussed cooperation in the field of Human Rights with Armenian NGOs

Декабрь 07, 2022
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On November 3 and 4, 2022, ECOM experts made a working visit to Armenia as part of the #SoS_project. Human Rights Coordinator Yuri Yoursky, Human Rights Officer Elvira Tilek and ECOM Capacity Building Coordinator Elena German took part in this visit.

One of the goals of this trip was to map activists, organizations and initiative groups, potential allies and current stakeholders with whom ECOM could cooperate in terms of human rights work in Armenia within the #SoS_project. In addition, during the meeting, ECOM experts presented a new strategic plan for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) of Armenia and discussed the possibilities for further cooperation with them.

In Armenia, ECOM met with representatives of the following NGOs: “New Generation”, “Diversity”, “Equality for All” and “National Trans Coalition”.

After meetings with each of the organizations, it became clear that the main challenges and problems faced by Armenian NGOs when they are working in the field of human rights are the following:

  1. The LGBT community does not have sufficient knowledge about their rights, or where to turn, as there is no emergency service or hotline in Armenia;
  2. There is no regular funding to pay for the support of lawyers and legal experts. There are no friendly lawyers and legal experts. Often LGBT people who suffered from violence and discrimination cannot get legal support. Legal experts from individual NGOs advise everybody who asks for help, however, it is also necessary to get a lawyer for legal support in court.
  3. There is no legislative procedure for trans* transition, no protocols for prescribing hormone therapy, no legal change of documents.
  4. Representatives of LGBT communities are bullied in educational institutions.
  5. LGBT people do not trust state bodies and the police.
  6. Socio-economic problems prevent people from leaving their families and parental homes. As a result, domestic violence often occurs.
  7. LGBT people face homophobia and hate speech.

To solve these problems, ECOM intends to assist the Armenian NGOs that participated in the working visit in implementing the following activities:

  1. Advocacy for gender legislation;
  2. Advocacy for an anti-bullying law;
  3. Advocacy for the adoption of an anti-discrimination law;
  4. Supporting strategic litigation;
  5. Advocacy for legislation on legal transgender transition;
  6. Providing technical assistance to those organizations that need it.

ECOM also plans to organize fundraising to create a Hotline that would provide legal assistance to representatives of the LGBT community in Armenia.

ECOM is sure that through joint efforts we will be able to change the situation regarding the LGBT communities' rights in Armenia for the better.


The visit was carried out by ECOM and published as part of the Regional project “Sustainability of services for key populations in the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia” (SoS_project 2.0), implemented by a consortium of organizations led by the Alliance fir Public Health in partnership with the CO “100% Life”, with financial support from the Global Fund.

The views expressed in this publication are those of the authors and may not reflect the views of the consortium organizations as well as the Global Fund.

The Global Fund was not involved in agreeing and approving either the material itself or the possible conclusions from it.



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