ECOM Steering Committee Meeting: Discussion of Strategies and Prospects

Февраль 26, 2024
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On February 14-15, the first in-person meeting of the ECOM Steering Committee (SC) this year was held in Istanbul. At the meeting, SC members discussed key areas of activity and strategic planning for the organization’s future actions.


During the 2-day meeting, the participants discussed the following:
  • ECOM Annual Report 2023 — at the meeting, SC members got acquainted with the first draft of the document and gave their recommendations for its improvement. An important aspect was discussing recommendations for improving the work of the coalition that were developed based on the analysis of the report.
  • ECOM Operational Plan for 2024. During the meeting, the ECOM Secretariat team presented activities and work plans in different areas for this year, which were approved by the SC members.
  • Presentation of the organization’s Fundraising Strategy took place, which opens up new prospects for the financial stability and growth of ECOM.
  • An important aspect of the meeting was the discussion of ECOM’s work strategy in countries where discriminatory legislation is being strengthened. It was decided to develop individual strategies for each of these countries, taking into account the specifics of implementing health programs and responding to changes in legislation.
  • Welcoming new members — as usual, at the SC meeting, requests from new members to join ECOM were considered. We are proud to welcome four new members.
  • Planning future areas of activity. The final stage of the meeting was devoted to discussing promising areas for the development of ECOM's activities and fundraising. Among the priorities, such topics were singled out as capacity building of ECOM members, feminism, youth movement, mental and environmental health, digital security of NGOs, as well as cultural and other initiatives.

The Steering Committee meeting confirms the sustainable development of ECOM as an organization ready to quickly respond to arising challenges and adjust its activities in accordance with the needs of communities in rapidly changing conditions.


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