Beyond Pride: Pride Month 2023

Июнь 01, 2023
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ECOM welcomes Pride Month by joining the world in celebrating diversity, equality and inclusion.

Pride Month is an annual event observed in June to celebrate and support the LGBT community. It originated in memory of the Stonewall riot, which took place in June 1969 in New York and became an important moment in the struggle for the rights of LGBT people.

Pride Month is a time when people speak out in support of equality and inclusion of LGBT people, as well as raising awareness of their issues and achievements. Various cultural, educational and activist events are held during this period, including pride marches, conferences, exhibitions and concerts.

We are pleased to present the initiative of our coalition members for Pride Month, a video that brings together footage from our “activist life”, including public rallies for rights and pride events, and everyday moments of our daily lives — after all, LGBT people are not limited to Pride Month, but live their lives every day and beyond the pride.

LGBT people are part of society, they work, study, love and care for their loved ones. We want to call on society to abandon prejudices and stereotypes, and emphasize that the struggle for equality and acceptance is not limited to just one month a year. This is a continual process that requires our participation and support every day.

"In these troubled times, it's very important to feel each other's support. To know that we're united as a community, and together we can overcome everything. I continue to admire everyone who, despite the laws terrorizing us in the EECA countries, is not afraid to come out and inspire others with their example. But even more I admire those who risk their lives and continue to fight for the rights of LGBT people in the EECA countries, even if they face criminal punishment for this. Let's celebrate Pride Month together to the extent that is safe for each and every one of us," Yuri Yoursky, Programs Lead at ECOM.

Pride Month is not only a time for pride marches and public speeches, but also a time for self-reflection and understanding. We encourage each and every one to look at their prejudices and doubts and consciously choose to support the LGBT community, which needs it regardless of the month on the calendar.

Let the celebration of Pride Month be a reminder of our pursuit of justice and equality, which should permeate every day of our lives.


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