ECOM and Equality Movement applied to UN HRCtee and claimed Georgia to ensure equal access to medical services for LGBT

Август 27, 2020
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In October 2020 within 130th Session UN Human Rights Committee will formulate List of Issues for Georgia to report on its recent efforts to implement International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

ECOM and LGBT NGO “Equality Movement” submitted a joint report on human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity in Georgia. The document aims to update HRCtee members with the recent violations within the LGBT community in Georgia related to the Right to Equality before the Law, Freedom of Assembly, Sex Education, LGBT Families and Privacy, as well as The Universal and Inalienable Right to Health.

Ana Aptsiauri, Legal Officer of “Equality Movement” highlighted:

"In the last few years, Georgia took many steps forward by offering legal protections of the human rights of LGBTQI. However, despite the recommendations of international organizations, the state lacks important institutional and legal changes. As a result  of ineffective policies, stigma, discrimination and violence against LGBTQI still persists and implementation of existing legislation is lacking.

The current situation in Georgia requires an urgent response not only from the Georgian authorities, but also from the international bodies/organizations. The constantly raising level of intolerance towards the LGBTQI community poses a serious challenge to the State’s aspirations to develop a system in which human dignity is respected in an unimpeded manner.

We believe that the active participation of international bodies/organizations draws state’s attention to systemic problems, eliminates all forms of the discrimination and helps end human rights violations against LGBTQI. To reach these goals, “Equality Movement” monitors and reports hate crimes to the international organizations (such as OSCE/ODIHR, The Committee of Ministries); participates through shadow reporting to the organs of the United Nations. This provides a strong basis for policy analysis and advocacy to achieve meaningful changes for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and other queer individuals".

ECOM and Equality Movement recommended the HRCtee to ask Georgia:

  • What institutional and legal measures have been taken by the state to eliminate discrimination and to fight hate motivated crimes/hate speech against LGBT individuals?
  • What measures have been taken to advance the right of freedom of assembly and manifestation for LGBT individuals?
  • What concrete and proactive measures/policies is the state taking to make sure that MSM and trans individuals receive equal access to medical services, including HIV-related services?

The full report is here:


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