Vitaly Djuma Appointed as Board Member of Developed Country NGO Delegation to Global Fund Board

Март 25, 2024
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In March 2024, Vitaly Djuma, Executive Director of ECOM, was appointed as a Board Member of the Developed Country NGO Delegation to the Global Fund Board.

Vitaly Djuma has been a member of the Developed Country NGO Delegation since 2019 and an Alternate Board Member since 2021. And since December 2023, Vitaly has been an acting Board Member.

Vitaly has over 20 years of experience in program development and management, strategic development, HIV response and human rights advocacy.

“The Developed Country NGO Delegation confirmed my appointment as a Board Member from the Delegation on a permanent basis for the next two years. This is important both to ensure that the Delegation works stably and that the interests of key communities, including LGBT communities in EECA, are consistently promoted in the programs of the Global Fund. The Global Fund remains a major donor, and the way its supported programs are implemented affects our communities,” said Vitaly Djuma.

Vitaly is appointed as a Board Member for the next two years, until March 2026:

The Developed Country NGO Delegation is one of the twenty delegations with the right to vote on the Global Fund Board. The members of the Delegation are representatives of civil society organizations based in countries that are not eligible to receive grants from the Global Fund.


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