EU Concerned about Human Rights Situation in Kyrgyzstan

Июль 27, 2023
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On July 13, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the crackdown on the media and freedom of expression in Kyrgyzstan.

The document notes that in recent years, democratic standards and human rights in Kyrgyzstan have "deteriorated alarmingly". The 2023 Reporters Without Borders Index indicates that the country has dropped 50 places to 122 out of 180 countries.

In the resolution, the European Parliament calls on the Kyrgyz authorities to respect and uphold fundamental freedoms, in particular media freedom and freedom of expression, in line with the EU-Kyrgyzstan Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement.

It also calls on the Kyrgyz authorities and members of Parliament to revoke and withdraw the controversial law on "false information" and to review the draft laws on "foreign representatives", "mass media" and "protecting children from harmful information", including the "LGBT propaganda law", which is inconsistent with Kyrgyzstan’s international commitments.

Previously, on June 22, 2023, the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan adopted a set of amendments to laws and codes that relate to content on social networks and protecting children from harmful information, including a ban on LGBT propaganda. The President of Kyrgyzstan has not yet signed the document.


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