Transphobic Law Adopted in Russia

Июль 27, 2023
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On July 14, 2023, the law prohibiting transgender transition was adopted unanimously by all the deputies in the third and final reading. And on July 24, it was signed by the president, and the law already entered into force.

The new legislation is the next step in the repression of trans people, and it demonstrates complete disregard for human rights in Russian society.

Even previously, conditions for the official recognition of trans people in Russia were not easy. For a legal transgender transition, a person had to go through a medical commission in order to receive a “certificate of gender change” in the form No. 087/y. At the same time, according to the ICD-11, all categories related to transgenderness were included in a new section on sexual health.

What exactly is prohibited by the law?

These amendments include a ban on medical services such as gender affirming surgery and hormonal therapy, except for surgeries aimed at treating "congenital anomalies (malformations), genetic and endocrine diseases associated with impaired formation of the genital organs in children."

The adopted law not only prohibits trans people from changing gender markers in documents, but also prohibits the adoption of children, and annuls marriages in which one of the partners underwent a transgender transition.

  • ECOM calls on international structures to condemn and call on the Russian authorities to revise the law;
  • ECOM calls on ECOM members and allies to monitor the situation and mobilize to provide support to those affected by this law;
  • ECOM calls on civil and human rights associations in Russia to unite and support the trans community in the fight against institutional transphobia.


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