Hotline for psychological assistance to LGBT Ukrainians during the war

О проекте

At the very beginning of the war, ECOM conducted a survey of its members in Ukraine about their needs, and one of the needs identified was psychological assistance. In order to address this, we set up a psychological help hotline — a chat bot on Telegram.

The bot was launched on March 8, 2022, now the team consists of 12 professionals: social workers, psychologists, peer counselors, an infectious disease specialist, a psychiatrist, and a lawyer.

In 2022, chatbot consultants provided more than 3,000 consultations. 

Start and end dates for the project

21.02.2023 - 21.07.2023

Задачи проекта

Provision of psychological and informational assistance to LGBT Ukrainians during Russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Доноры проекта

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