FUNDRAISING for young initiative LGBT groups and organizations

Год: 2019

Источник: ECOM


ECOM presents Fundraising training module for young initiative LGBT groups and organizations.

Today more and more people from LGBT community take initiative to change their lives and lives of their communities. You commit yourself to make world around a little kinder, more indulgent, while at the same time putting efforts to ensure that your rights to access to quality of life and development are implemented on an equal footing with others.

This course provides each starting activist and initiator of civil society structure possibility to comprehend in the accessible form which steps to undertake and which methods to use to assure basic or kick up funding for your organization or initiative.

The first chapter provides review of the prospective sources of funding. At the donors map you can pave the way to the most favorable sources of your financial sustainability.
In the following chapter you will get instruments and methods to use when fundraising from different categories of donors.
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