“Be on Fire, but Don’t Burn out”: ECOM Launched an Emotional Support Course for Members and Partners

Июнь 28, 2022
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June 25 marks the launch of our online course "Prevention of Emotional and Professional Burnout" for ECOM members and partners as well as activists from the EECA region working with LGBT communities.

Activism is a sphere in which it's very easy to burn out: the lack of quick results, the constant feeling of danger for one's life and health, insufficient wages and unstable funding.

We want the activists from our region to be in a resourceful state and be able to continue their activities and keep on fighting for human rights.
So, we launched an online course with individual support from psychologists.

“Remember, every time we get on a plane, the flight attendants remind us: First put a mask on yourself, then on the child. Because if you can't take care of yourself and ensure access to oxygen, then in this state you won't be able to take care of those around you.
In real life, we sometimes forget about this rule. We do our best at work, then come home, read the news, check social networks — we devote ourselves to all these things, at times caring for others more than for ourselves.
We created our course on the prevention of emotional and professional burnout to be exactly such a "mask". Participants will try out tools that can warn you about incipient burnout, help you recognize it not only in yourself, but also in your loved ones, and understand that you need to act right now.
Because only if we have internal strength and resources, we'll achieve maximum productivity in overcoming the HIV epidemic, protecting rights, and also in our own lives,” says Elena German, Capacity Building Coordinator at ECOM.

The course will take 3 weeks and will consist of 6 webinars. In addition to lectures, participants will have individual support from psychologists, homework that will allow them to start the reflection process, identify painful and complex issues, and implement new life strategies to prevent professional burnout.


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