ECOM presents the results of the first analysis of PrEP protocols in the EECA Region

Июнь 05, 2023
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LGBT Health Coordinator Nikolay Lunchenkov and Health Officer Uluk Batyrgaliev took part in an educational workshop on the provision of pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV (PrEP) in the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) organized by the International AIDS Society. The workshop was dedicated to the key points of the AIDS conference (AIDS 2022) and the discussion of innovative practices and strategies to fight HIV.

At the event, Nikolay Lunchenkov shared the results of analyzing PrEP protocols in the region and in particular noted the progress of Kazakhstan. However, the report showed that although most countries included PrEP in their services, none of the protocols fully complies with WHO recommendations. We have to admit that there is still a gap between science, politics and practice at the local level, which makes it difficult to effectively respond to the global HIV epidemic.

“The analysis of PrEP protocols within SoS_project 2.0 is the first of its kind for the EECA region. We're convinced that this is a valuable document for the exchange of experience, and we hope that it'll inspire other countries and contribute to the adjustment of national protocols in accordance with WHO recommendations. And this workshop is a really important event that provides a unique opportunity for organizations in Central Asia to meet and discuss together the common problems and challenges that we face. All this will allow us to clearly define our priorities regarding healthcare and the strategic steps that ECOM, together with the national partners, intends to take," - said Nikolay Lunchenkov.


During the event, there was also a meeting with representatives of international organizations, government agencies and community-based non-governmental organizations from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, where they could discuss access to services and self-testing, as well as issues related to HIV treatment in the context of migration.

As a result of the event, the participants planned their work on action points for the development and implementation of strategies and policies in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, as well as their use to achieve national goals of reducing HIV incidence.

This workshop is part of a series of events organized by the IAS Educational Fund to provide inclusive educational opportunities for all the parties interested in the fight against HIV.

Publication prepared by ECOM and published as part of the Regional project “Sustainability of services for key populations in the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia” (SoS_project 2.0), implemented by a consortium of organizations led by the Alliance fir Public Health in partnership with the CO “100% Life”, with financial support from the Global Fund. The views expressed in this publication are those of the authors and may not reflect the views of the consortium organizations as well as the Global Fund. The Global Fund was not involved in agreeing and approving either the material itself or the possible conclusions from it.


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