Trans*Map in EECA: Final Meeting Held Within the Project

Декабрь 11, 2023
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5 countries, 9 cities, more than 2.5 thousand trans people who received services or attended educational events, a media campaign that reached at least 5 million people, in-depth biobehavioral and other studies — all these are some of the many achievements of ECOM’s large-scale three-year project Trans*Map in EECA.

At the end of November, a final meeting took place, bringing together the ECOM management team and representatives of national and international partners from Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and other countries in the EECA region. During the meeting, representatives from each country shared their achievements and successes, which shed light on the diversity of approaches and initiatives implemented in different cultural and social contexts. The event became not only an opportunity to mark the success, but also a platform to discuss possible cooperation in the future.

"The Trans*Map in EECA project was truly unique due to its complex approach. For me, an important result of the project is how many unique tools were developed during its implementation: modules, studies, strategies. And all this remains in the countries, and the local partners of the project will use all these developments in their further work when addressing the issues of trans people both at the regional and national level," said Suleyma Kelgembaeva, Advocacy Officer at ECOM, who supervised the Trans*Map in EECA project.


The participants discussed prospects for the trans movement in the region, outlined plans to participate in international conferences in the coming year and future projects. An important point was the discussion of the role the conducted research had in advocacy work — not only the numbers and facts became clear, but also the impact the project has already had and will continue to have in the future even after its end.

“For us, the most important results of the project were the results of situational analyses and research into barriers to medical transition in Ukraine. The national advocacy plan that was created became for us an essential working document presented to our community. The heart of the project throughout these three years was the advocacy group, whose work will continue in future projects. We are incredibly pleased with all the indicators we achieved, shared victories and removed barriers,” shared Yulia Tsarevskaya, project manager at Convictus Ukraine.

ECOM expresses gratitude to all the national and international partners for their cooperation and contribution to achieving significant results. We look forward to the long-term cooperation in future projects and initiatives aimed at the well-being of trans people.


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