ECOM Continues to Support Ukraine: Our Help 7 Months into the War

Сентябрь 30, 2022
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The war in Ukraine continues, so we continue to support ECOM members and partners from Ukraine, as well as all members of the community and Ukrainians who need it.

What we have managed to do and what activities are still ongoing:

  • We have conducted a needs assessment of ECOM members from Ukraine, processed 21 requests from them and have been able to support requests for humanitarian aid and funds for urgent relocation within the country.
  • Conducted a medium- and long-term needs assessment among ECOM members and partners from Ukraine. The results will be used for advocacy among donors.
  • Launched a medium- and long-term needs assessment among trans* people in Ukraine.
  • Supported two requests to organize temporary shelters for gays and trans* people in Ukraine, which are now functioning in the country.
  • Provided funding to Gender Zed and Gender Stream organizations providing urgent assistance for LGBT Ukrainians:
Gender Zed has been able to meet the needs of 244 LGBT people requiring humanitarian assistance.
Gender Stream has been able to set up a shelter and provide temporary shelter for 17 LGBT people.
  • Provided assistance to organizations GenderDoc-M in Moldova and Hatter in Hungary, which help LGBT refugees arriving in their countries with temporary asylum or adaptation in the country:
83 LGBT persons have received support in Moldova from the organization GenderDoc-M regarding access to HIV services, migration and temporary asylum in the country.
The Hatter organization has been able to provide information and psychological support for LGBT refugees in Hungary through a hotline.
  • Assisted the work of the organizations Insight and Cohort, which provide individual assistance for trans* people in Ukraine:
Insight has focused on rapid response and support for trans* people in Ukraine.
The organization has been able to help 189 people, including help with hormone therapy and other necessary medication.
Cohort has also focused on direct humanitarian support for trans* people in Ukraine.
The organization has been able to help 69 people, including direct humanitarian assistance and payment for medical services.
  • We continue to provide individual humanitarian assistance for all members of the LGBT community from Ukraine:
To date, 480 requests for humanitarian assistance have been processed. Of these, 210 (84%) of requests were for covering food expenses, 147 (59%) for hygiene products, 128 (51%) for medicine or health services, 100 (40%) for temporary housing and 83 (33%) for clothing.
87% of requests included several items at once. We have already responded to 250 requests for a total amount of 696,854.98 UAH.
  • We have also provided information assistance to 115 people, by giving them information about possible shelters for LGBT people, both domestically and abroad.
  • Provision of direct psychological assistance on the basis of existing shelters and organizations working with LGBT people in Ukraine continues. You can apply for individual psychological counseling or take part in group therapy in Zaporizhzhia, Kryvyi Rih and Mykolaiv.
  • Our chatbot continues working. It provides psychological and informational support for LGBT people from Ukraine, as well as peer-to-peer counseling and consultations with a doctor and a lawyer. Over this time, 1391 consultations have already been provided through this bot: 466 informational consultations, 350 consultations with a psychologist, 397 peer-to-peer consultations, 118 consultations with a doctor, 60 consultations with a lawyer. 
The bot is available on Telegram under the nickname @ecomwork_bot.

ECOM is grateful to all the donors who have supported our projects to help Ukraine, namely ViiV Healthcare, Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine, OutRight Action International, Giro555.


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