Coordinators of the project «Trans*Map in EECA» discussed plans to expand HIV services for trans* people in the region

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In March, the first meeting in a year and a half with managers of partner organizations was held within the framework of the «Trans*Map in EECA» project, which is being implemented by ECOM. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss opportunities to expand and strengthen HIV services for trans* people in the EECA region through community mobilization and the creation of an enabling environment. 

The event was attended by national partners of the project from Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Russia. Due to the military invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, the Ukrainian national partners of ECOM, unfortunately, could not take part in the meeting. ECOM and partner organizations in the EECA region at this difficult moment express solidarity with Ukraine, members of our coalition and our partners in Ukraine.

During the meeting, the participants presented and discussed analyses of situations in countries, information about the difficulties and barriers faced by trans* people, how organizations respond to challenges during the implementation of activities, and also shared their achievements during the implementation of the project. Also, the organizations shared further work plans and told about the planned activities within the framework of the project. Despite all the difficulties in social and social life in the region, organizations and activists continue their work in achieving access to services and non-discrimination against trans* people in EECA.

This event provided an opportunity for partner organizations to get to know each other in person, to spend time both in a formal working and informal setting. The meeting also strengthened the relationship between the organizations, and the created supportive atmosphere influenced the cohesion and increased the motivation of national partners.


«The project coordinators met and formed a team, as previously physical meetings were not possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The empathic, supportive and respectful atmosphere built by everyone gave an opportunity to all members of the country teams to share the situation in the countries, their professional and personal, activist achievements, improve networking and agree on joint ideas,» said Daniyar Orsekov, ECOM Advocacy Coordinator.


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