Trans Day of Visibility: Every Voice Must Be Heard

Март 31, 2024
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Every year on March 31st, we celebrate International Trans Day of Visibility, marking the resilience and courage of trans and non-binary people around the world.

Visibility of trans people is not only an acknowledgment of their existence, but also support for their right to equality and respect. In countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, trans people have limited access to human dignity resources and face various challenges, including social stigma, economic vulnerability, inadequate legislative tools for legal transition, and harassment from law enforcement officers and civil society. Therefore, supporting and recognizing trans people is an especially important step towards creating a more inclusive society.

“For me, visibility is freedom, it's the exercised right to be yourself both as an individual in the eyes of society and as an activist, representing the trans community at different levels,” says Yulia Familieva, transgender activist, member of the Cohort NGO, representative of the transgender community in the National Council on HIV and TB under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, member of ECOM's Trans People Working Group.

Political and social change is key to the visibility and acceptance of trans people. Laws and policies that protect the rights of trans people and provide them equal opportunities are essential to creating an inclusive environment. At the same time, educating society about transgenderness and combating negative stereotypes and prejudices also play an important role in increasing the level of understanding and respect for trans people. In this regard, we are pleased to once again celebrate the success of the “We Are Alike” TikTok-campaign, which has received millions of views and demonstrates the diversity of experiences and lives of different trans people in settings that everyone can relate to.

“Visibility is one of the opportunities to say that we exist and this is normal. To say that we are the same people as others. We have our own goals, expectations and plans for the future,” says Aleksandr, trans man, Republic of Belarus.

And today, on Trans Day of Visibility, ECOM calls on all our national and international partners to continue our joint work to create a society where every person has equal opportunities and rights, regardless of gender identity.


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