Emergency Fund for Ukraine and Neighbouring Countries

О проекте

The Emergency Support Fund for Ukraine and Neighboring Countries aims to ensure uninterrupted services and security for people living with HIV and groups vulnerable to HIV during times of war. The Foundation provides low-threshold, quickly developing, client-focused assistance to community organizations and regional networks to ensure that their services continue during these unprecedented times.

Start and end dates for the project

01.01.2023- 31.12.2025

Цели проекта

Develop and fund solutions in the EECA region so that civil society organizations can initiate community responses, manage emergencies and crises, and support innovative pilot projects.

Задачи проекта

Mitigation of the consequences of the war in Ukraine for people living with HIV or groups vulnerable to HIV in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Партнеры проекта

Доноры проекта

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